Simply provision, deploy, and manage servers, websites, and apps

Cleaver takes the headaches out of server management so that you can deliver game-changing websites and apps. 🚀


Provision and deploy in minutes

Cleaver is skillfully sharpened and expertly weighted with fine-tuned features that let you quickly deliver your websites and apps.

  • Provision servers

    Provision servers to host your website and apps. Cleaver slices out your own piece of popular Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers - DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode, Vultr, or Hetzner. Or, bring your own!

  • Install dependencies

    Select the environment you want for your servers and Cleaver makes it happen. Alpas, Laravel, WordPress, PHP, Node.js, and plain ol' static HTML are installed at a click of the button.

  • Setup your database

    Install MySQL or MariaDB and setup your databases. Cleaver carves out databases for your apps and you can control access for additional users with a couple key strokes and a click.

  • Secure your site

    Having Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) installed for your site is a must these days. Many browsers and web technologies require it. You can ensure your site is secured with SSL at no extra costs.

  • Deploy websites and apps

    Deploy your creation for the world to see. Click a button if that's your jam or automate with push to deploy using your favorite version control provider, like GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

  • Monitor server health

    Keep your thumb on your server's pulse. Server monitoring helps you ensure your websites and apps are living in a healthy environment and aren't being stressed.

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Raving Fans

Our customers love us

That's because we make sure Cleaver provides exactly what our customers need, while keeping it simple.

  • I needed fast, simple, reliable and secure server deployment, then I found Cleaver Cloud!

    raving fan
    Francesco Tosi
  • I just hosted a Laravel App for my first time using @getcleaver, and boy, it was sooo freaking easy, and smooth, and easy again.

    F. Tina

  • @getcleaver just tried to setup and deploy a Laravel site using your app and it rocks! Everything went so smooth! Thank you!

    raving fan


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  • Provision servers

  • Deploy web apps

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  • Organize servers and apps

  • Additional big biz features

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