We're here to make server and app deployment management easy so you can concentrate on making killer apps! 🔥


Built by and for dreamers and doers

We built Cleaver to help de-stress the server provisioning, deployment, and management process. Our goal is to make Cleaver a tool that you love because it helps simplify your work.

Journey through time

  • Launched in 2017

    Cleaver began as a desktop only app. With the assist from early adopters, Cleaver began to take shape as a well-rounded server provisioning and app deployment tool.

  • Graduated to the cloud in 2020

    Cleaver has been uploaded to the cloud and is now a SasS application. We took all the great things from the desktop version and sprinkled some more goodness to bring even more value to our amazing customers.

  • Built by dreamers and doers

    Ashok (left) and Adam (right), the co-founders of Little Bets and makers of Cleaver.

Co-founders of Cleaver - Adam Miedema and Ashok Gelal

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