Make your AdonisJS apps shine

Cleaver specializes in server and deployment management for your Adonis apps.

AdonisJs web framework Setup and deploy Adonis web apps
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Designed for security and performance

Cleaver takes the hassle out of server and deployment management and ensures cutting-edge hosting for your Adonis v4/5 apps.

  • Provision servers

    Cleaver integrates with many popular VPS cloud providers - DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode, Vultr, Hetzner, or bring your own! Cleaver installs Ubuntu and your choice of MySQL or PostgreSQL.

  • Security first

    Free LetsEncrypt SSL certs for all your sites. Cleaver also installs Fail2Ban, configures firewall settings, and sets up SSH access to keep your servers secured and protected against malicious attacks.

  • Pump-up performance

    NGINX, Redis, Memcached, PM2, Supervisor are installed to make your apps more performant. Cluster mode automatically scales your app to utilize available CPUs for more power!

  • Web app isolation

    Isolate your web apps for even more security. Assign each site to a separate user to keep compromised apps from contaminating other apps on your server.

  • Zero-downtime deployments

    Cleaver deploys your single or multi-server apps with zero-downtime. Click-to-deploy or automate with push-to-deploy integrations with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

  • Monitor server health

    Keep your thumb on your server's pulse. Server monitoring helps you ensure your websites and apps are living in a healthy environment and aren't being stressed.

  • Manage DNS records and redirects

    Cleaver integrates with Cloudflare and DigitalOcean DNS management so you can maintain your DNS records, and redirects, without ever leaving Cleaver.

  • Web app log report

    View production logs in an intuitive report to see what issue types are being thrown so that you can troubleshoot and resolve issues faster.

Need to see it to believe it?
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Cleaver gets your production environment ready

Select Adonis v4 or v5 and Cleaver will take care of the rest. Cleaver installs all necessary dependencies and configures database connections. Sit back and relax while Cleaver preps your servers.


Auto-deploy with zero-downtime

Single-server or multi-server deployments are handled at the click of a button. Integrations with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket provide push-to-deploy automation. Cleaver powers-up your apps even further with configurable NGINX caching and cluster mode support.

Total Health

Monitor the health of your server and apps

Server monitoring, service heart beats, cron jobs, process monitors, and production web app log reports keep your servers and apps healthy and running smooth.


Simply priced for what you need

DIY server and deployment management is a PITA! Cleaver makes it a breeze.

One Simple Price


$15 /month
  • Unlimited server provisioning

  • Unlimited app deployments

  • Server monitoring

  • Log reports

  • Process monitors and cron jobs

  • And tons more!

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