Deliver your
Alpas web apps

Cleaver helps you quickly spin up a server ready to run an Alpas web application. Once your server is ready, you can deploy your app within minutes.

Alpas web framework Setup and deploy Alpas web apps
Java web development Setup and deploy Java websites web apps
NodeJS web framework Setup and deploy NodeJS web apps

Provision Alpas ready servers

  • Choose your preferred cloud provider

    Cleaver integrates with many popular cloud providers; including DigitalOcean, Hetzner, AWS, Linode, and Vultr. Have a different provider you'd like to use? Bring your own custom provider!

  • Prepare your server

    Alpas apps requires NodeJS to run and JDK and JRE to build and deploy. Cleaver has you covered.

  • Set up your Alpas site

    Add your Alpas site details and make advanced configurations such as edit nginx settings, add process monitors, and set up cron jobs.

Deploy your Alpas apps

  • Set up your web app

    Cleaver assists in multi-server app roll-outs and advanced deployment procedures with the assistance of custom deployment hooks.

  • Share your apps with the world

    Automatically deploy with push-to-deploy by merging your git changes or click a button when you are ready.

  • That's what we did!

    Cleaver was built with Alpas AND it deploys itself. Cleaver is basically it's own baby. 👶


Simply priced for what you need

DIY server and deployment management is a PITA! Cleaver makes it a breeze.

One Simple Price


$15 /month
  • Unlimited server provisioning

  • Unlimited app deployments

  • Server monitoring

  • Log reports

  • Process monitors and cron jobs

  • And tons more!

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