Launch your
web apps

Cleaver slices out your own VPS and gets it ready to host and deploy your apps. Use the time and effort you save with Cleaver and focus it on your apps.

Provision and manage your virtual private servers (VPS)

  • Choose your preferred cloud provider

    Cleaver integrates with many popular cloud providers; including DigitalOcean, Hetzner, AWS, Linode, and Vultr. Have a different provider you'd like to use? Bring your own custom provider!

  • Prepare your server

    Image your server with NodeJS, PHP, JRE, JDK, MySQL, MariaDB and get it ready to host your Alpas, Laravel, WordPress, PHP, NodeJS, or static HTML sites.

  • Set up your site

    Easily add sites to your server and secure them with SSL certificates. Cleaver uses Let's Encrypt to secure your sites for no extra charge.

Provision servers to run your WordPress site

Manage your servers and app deployments

  • Make advanced configurations

    For your more advanced needs, configure PHP and nginx settings, add cron jobs and process monitors, manage URL redirects, and create custom deployment hooks.

  • Deploy your apps for the world to see and use

    Push-to-deploy or click-to-deploy, the choice is yours. 🚀

Advanced WordPress configurations


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  • Provision servers

  • Deploy web apps

Early Bird Discount


$15 $7.50 /month
  • Unlimited server provisioning

  • Unlimited app deployments

  • Server monitoring, process monitors, and cron jobs

  • All new features in the works for Growth plan


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  • For teams 👩🏻‍⚕️🙍🏻‍♂️🙍‍♀️

  • Organize servers and apps

  • Additional big biz features

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